Vapa Shawarma Burner – emtexstore Reviews and Buyers Guide

Vapa Shawarma Burner – emtexstore Reviews and Buyers Guide

The VC-9 shawarma burner is a classic Vapa Shawarma Burner online  type which is commonly used on shawarma machines and very well known in all markets. – It is a heavy duty burner with ceramic tiles asburner media. … – These Vapa Shawarma Burner online operate on Butane or propane gas and they are atmospherically ventilated.

The reason we have placed this at the top is the fact that along with easy multi-stage cooking, it comes with 24 auto cook menus for easy everyday use and also has 3 different cooking styles . All these factors help in faster cooking times without being heavy on the pocket.

Easy Access Features: Grill, Convection, Weight Defrost, Micro and Grilling options,

Power Consumption: 1200 watts

Products Included inside the package:

  • Ceramic surface
  • Outer Dim : 17x24x9 cm
  • Burner Size : 21.5×15 cm
  • Gas Type: LPG
  • Gas Pressure: 50 mbar
  • Price:7500 /pcs
Vapa Shawarma Burner – emtexstore review,

Warranty and Service Quality: There is no warranty for the burners because it does not have any technical parts.the ceramic part is break after two years depends upon the use

Vapa Shawarma Burner – emtexstore review,

Going with customer feedback, this model is doing well! Apart from some minor issues like faulty appliance and service issues, there have been no significant reports. Overall, the majority of the feedbacks are positive!


  • Easy to use features with 24 auto cook menus and pre-set with three types of stored cooking cycles for faster cooking.
  • Competitively priced
  • VAPA Burners is the pioneer and the Leader in manufacturing gas fired infrared burners in Lebanon and the Middle East.
  • VAPA Burners are highly reliable, heavy duty, and designed to operate under high gas pressure (LPG- butane or propane).
  • Combination grilling and combi technology for easy cooking.


  • There is no warranty for the burners


The Infrared burners we manufacture are mainly used in shawarma and barbecue machines, rotisseries & chicken roasters,different applications of heating, drying, powder coating, paper and textile industries.Most of the restuarant uses vapa burner on their shawarma machine

2 thoughts on “Vapa Shawarma Burner – emtexstore Reviews and Buyers Guide

  1. Hemant Gupta says:

    What is area the VAPA infrared gas burner VC9 can heat upto? Can this be installed in horizontal barbecue grills to make kebabs in skewers? Do you have any such working model? Please do let me know. Thanks. Do have VAPA VML model also?

    1. Team samnan says:

      You Can Cook up to 15 Kg.You Can Use For Vertical Machines

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