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Charcoal Shawarma machine for hotels

A charcoal shawarma machine is also known as a vertical broiler. - It broils meat on a rotating metal spike, that can be used for a gyro, doner kebab, or shawarma. - Cost of charcoal Shawarma Machine depends upon your requirements whether you need charcoal Shawarma Machine for Home use or for commercial use.
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Chicken Feather Cleaning Machine in kerala

17,000.00 16,500.00
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Samnan Commercial Electric Shawarma Machine (spt-swrm-ect-9)

Power : 9.9 Kw Voltage : 220V / 50Hz Rotation Speed : 2.5 RPM
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Stainless Steel Gas Shawarma Machine (Double Burner)(1077cmx799cmx575cm, Silver)

Utility shawarma 2 nos One bottom door with shelfs and top side shelfs Movable 3-inches wheels fitted,plate and rod with working table
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Stainless Steel Meat Mincer

Production Capacity100kg/h
Power850 W
Voltage(V)110-230 V
Dimension(L*W*H)602 x 262 x 460 mm
Weight21.46 kg
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