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CHAINSAW SHARPENER PROMAX Plastic Powerful Chainsaw Sharpener (Orange)

Material: Plastic, Color: Orange A heavy duty powerful 180w chainsaw sharpener 100 mm(4inch) along with 1 blade it also includes a safety goggles +1 safety mask to ensure your safety Rated voltage : 220, power: 180w

diamond Sharpening Stone for Knives, Scissors And shears, Gardening Tools, Razors

Use for sharpening wood working tools, knives, and more. Restore razor-sharp blade edge on knives, scissors and shears, garden tools and tool. Blades. Excellent for sharpening plan irons and chisels.

Elltex Plastic 1020W Paint Mixer Machine for Home and Professional Uses

Material: Plastic, Color: Yellow Ergonomic compact design Powerful 1020w motor

HSS Planer Knife Reversible Wood Planer Blade, 82X5.5X1.2 mm, Blue

High speed planer blade (82x5.5x1.2 mm) Comes in 1 pairs ( 2pieces ) Double edged ( two cutting edges on each blade so each one can be reversed and used twice)

Metal Extra Ordinary Tong Pop Riveter (Red)

Single pull action designed for fast repetitive applications heavy duty carbon steel lattice and enamelled die-cast aluminium grip supplied with five nozzle sizes : 24 mm(3/32) , 32 mm (1/8inch), 400 mm (5/32inch), 48 mm (3/16inch), 64 mm (1/4inch) Contraction length: 250 mm Extend length: 825 mm

Metal High Speed Steel Electrical Planer Blade (Steel)

Material: Metal, Color: Steel Color : Silver tone, size (each) : 82 x 29 x 3 mm/ 32inch x 11inch x 0012inch (l*w*t) Main material : Hss

Plastic Backing Pad with Grinder Nut and 15 nos Fibre Sanding Disc for Sander Polisher Angle Grinders M10, 5-inch 125mm

Heavy plastic backing pad with grinder nut for for sanding sander polisher/angle grinder m10 125mm diameter Sander paper: 15 nos Crafted with excellence

SAMNAN Metal File and Guide for Sharpening Saw Chain (Orange)

Material: Metal, Color: Orange File and guide , for sharpening saw chain requiring a 5/32inch round file Tools centre is the authorised distributor for this product so kindly beware of duplicacy

Tegotop Heavy Duty Welding Holder (Black)

Body Made Of Full Brass Forged Upper Body Made Of Thermo Plastic Mini Electrode Holder ,Light Weight,Easy To Handle