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iBELL 82-58, 580W, 16500 RPM Electric Hand Planer( Red) – 6 Months Warranty

  • [GENERAL PURPOSE] The EP82-58 is an Electric Planer used to take off small amounts of wood by shaving it off in increments.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS] With a power of 580W, the planer can provide an idle speed of 16,500 rpm.
  • [DESIGN] An electric powered hand plane, a belt sander and a jointer all rolled into one. The blade of the planer is mounted in the middle of two metal plates or shoes.
  • [DEPTH ADJUSTMENT KNOB] The front shoe can be adjusted (moves up and down) via a knob, located near the front of the planer up to a maximum depth cut of about 2 mm.
  • [PLANNING PARAMETERS] Planning Width: 82 mm & Planning Depth: 0-2mm [RABBETING] Using the guide available with the planer will give a much better (and straighter) end result. Rabbeting Depth of 0-10mm.