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STARQ High Pressure Washer Cleaner W2 S5 2100 Watts 130 bar Induction Type Auto ON Off

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Induction motor 2100 watts comes with 5.5 mtr Heavy duty Rubber hose pipe
Copper winding
No maintenance



Make maintaining your House, Car or Bike fun and easy with this high pressure washer from STARQ. This pressure washer comes with a number of accessories that are quick and easy to connect for fast and efficient cleaning. The auto stop function makes the device highly energy efficient and thus very convenient. Performance: It has a powerful 2100 W induction motor which gives high pressure and auto stop function enables energy saving. Design: It has a beautiful ergonomic design which is very easy to carry with the handle and takes very less space. It can easily be fitter on front of your bike or in your backpack. For the video please check the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsamL7rzOfA&t=73s CONTENT:: Washer, Inlet Pipe, Outlet pipe-5mtr. Outlet gun, adapter EASE OF USE: Very easy to use, the water pipe can be easily connected with the water gun, ergonomic water gun design is comfortable and convenient to grip. SUITABLE FOR: Excepting for being used to wash car, it is also suitable for watering flowers, washing bathroom, cleaning window, washing floor, cleaning air conditioner etc DESIGN: Compact , versatile for easy transport and mobility. High-performance machine with high-quality pump to reduce noise. Simple but efficiently designed. A bucket of water is enough to wash your car. ULTRA POWERFUL, COMPACT, COPPER WINDING FOR LONG LIFE

Induction motor 2100 watts comes with 5.5 mtr Heavy duty Rubber hose pipe
Copper winding
No maintenance
Easy to carry and handle
Powerful motor

Reviews (0)

0 reviews for STARQ High Pressure Washer Cleaner W2 S5 2100 Watts 130 bar Induction Type Auto ON Off

  1. Jai

     He did a great job, and it was very easy to combine, and it was very light and easy to use. I was surprised by its excellent / powerful. For routine work such as terrace / drive / deck cleaning, car cleaning, etc., you do n’t actually need any other functions. 

    35 people found this helpful
  2. Tony 

    After being contacted by the seller I was able to get the unit working properly. I tested it out today and was able to use it to wash the car and clean the sidewalk. I am very happy to have this working. I love how quick and easy this is to set up and take down. Customer support for this pressure washer is the difference here._________________________________________________________________________________________________I hooked this product up to my hose and could not get any solid water pressure out of the unit. Extremely disappointed and will be sending it back immediately. I would avoid for a much better unit.

    32 people found this helpful
  3. Mohan

    This is my first purchase of pressure washer, great horsepower, little water consumption, I like its sprinkler head as long as the gently turn the sprinkler head changed the Angle, so there is no need to change the sprinkler head, save a lot of time, a good choice. 

    51 people found this helpful
  4. Athira

    My NEW high-pressure washer is working fine. The fixed Shampoo Reservoir is a great improvement upon older power washers and allows for a good flow of Shampoo, simply by adjusting the flow rate with the big dial on the body of the power washer.

    32 people found this helpful
  5. Jason

    Because covd-19, you can’t go out and wash your car, that’s why you bought this. I wanted to buy it a long time ago. Not only can you wash the car, also can wash the ground and the wall. Just received when found very small, I think the pressure will not be enough. It turned out that my idea was redundant. The pressure is really strong, and you can change the nozzle mode, and the pipes are long, and there’s a little box at the bottom where you can pour the detergent in and spray it out with the water. All in all, it meets my standards and is what I like

    44 people found this helpful
  6. Amith

     This is the high-pressure water gun I chose on the Internet. I read their introduction carefully. I chose this one and received it today. I ca n’t wait to try it.  The machine is not heavy and equipped with wheels, so it is very convenient to use and the wires are long, basically you don’t have to worry about the socket being far away from you.  The special hose is also very long, and it is also equipped with a turntable, which can be easily stowed.  I like this very much. It has enough horsepower of 3000PSI to wash cars and backyard.  I’m glad my choice was very correct。

    42 people found this helpful
  7. Nazam

    Compared to the one that I had before, this pressure washer is much easier to adjust the pressure level by simply adjusting the nozzle. It works on cleaning my car, easy adjusting on different angles. Also use it to clean my garbage can (plastic), it had that dirt like stuff stick on the inside, previously I was trying to use a knife to scratch it off, but not successful, now the pressure washer is easily to remove it. I also tried to use it to clean our swinging chair (metal) in our backyard, the water with the pressure, easily go through those wires and holes. I love this new pressure washer than the previous one. Make the heavy works become easy and efficient.

    26 people found this helpful
  8. Daven

    I’ve had this pressure washer for about two weeks now and I can say that I am very impressed. it could be use to do a lot of things . But where it counts, this pressure washer is just fine. I used it to clean my grease filter and it just look like new!love this!

    25 people found this helpful
  9. Rao

    This pressure washer is very easy to install and set up. It also has a adjustable water nozzle, which is really useful in my case. I’ve most been using it to wash my car. The pressure is very strong, which is nicer than my previous pressure washers. Overall a very good product.

    32 people found this helpful
  10. Gireesh

     The pressure wash is very easy to use. Unlike some of the other brandS, I don’t need to switch the nozzle which saves me tons of time. I have been using it to wash my car and clean the deck, and it does the job very well. I also like the feature that it comes with two big wheels and it’s very easy to move it around. The hose wheel is also a great design.

    54 people found this helpful

    #easy to use

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