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XTRA POWER -PW-60W Pressure Washer

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FLOW (L/H) 390



FLOW (L/H) 390

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0 reviews for XTRA POWER -PW-60W Pressure Washer

  1. Javed

    Works great! The part that most people complained about seems to be replaced with a metal version.

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  2. Prakash

    If your pressure washer completely stopped working, read this!I had bought this pressure washer just over 2 years ago for one job lasting about 4 hours total. At the time, I put the unit away and forgot about it for 2 years until I needed it this summer. When I took it out and fired it up, the pump ran for about 5 seconds then “died.” I tried for days to get it to work with no luck. I was one week over the 2 year warranty, so I was pretty ticked off I was stuck with this hunk of junk.Then talking with a guy at work he mentioned you’re supposed to use a pump protector lubricant after each time you use the pressure washer. I read up on this a bit, and the leftover water in the unit can cause the pumps internal gaskets to seize up. This might be due to the minerals in the water, I don’t really know. I was considering buying a different unit, then thought I’d take a shot at using the pump protector liquid on my “dead” pressure washer.At Wall Mart I bought “Powerfit 3oz Power Washer Pump Protector” in the tools isle. This $5 liquid brought my pump and pressure washer right back to life!! You actually screw the plastic threads on the bottle into the threaded garden hose inlet on the pressure washer. Then just squeeze the bottle a bit. I didn’t realize if I was doing it right because I couldn’t tell if the liquid was actually going in. About 10 minutes later I connected the hose and the unit worked.Hope this helps some people!Update 5-21-18 – Another easy fix for dead unit :)————————————————————————This week I had an issue with the pump not starting, that the power wash pump protector liquid trick didn’t fix. I tried different outlets thinking it was an electrical issue. It turned out to be an electrical issue within the GFCI plug of the power washer unit (likely from me leaving it outside in the rain a few days last year.) With the unit unplugged, take a phillips screwdriver and take the cover off of the unit’s GFCI plug. With the cover popped off, if you see lots of moisture that’s been trapped in the plug, that will prevent it from running.I bought a replacement plug at my local hardware store. You can find the same replacement plug I used successfully to fix my pressure washer by typing this into the Amazon search bar: “Leviton 16693 15-Amp, 120-Volt, Grounded, Compact Automatic Reset Right Angle GFCI”It’s about a 5 minute job.. Just reconnect the wires to the new GFCI plug (Black wire to gold connector, white to silver) and turn the screws to secure the wires in place. Screw down the “U” shaped stress clamps that come with the new plug, they hold the wire in tightly. Then attach the new cover, and you’re good to go.Update 7-20-20 – Maintenance on quick connect spray nozzles————————————————————————5 years later my Sun Joe washer is still going strong. After your pressure washer has been around a few seasons, it’s possible that the very fine holes in the quick connect spray nozzles will get some corrosion. Any little corrosion can affect the amount of water that can pass through, and I found will often prevent the pump from running and shut the pump off. If your pump turns on and runs with no spray nozzle attached to the wand, but does not work with the nozzle attached that’s a clear sign you need to do some maintenance on your nozzles to reopen the holes in the nozzle.What I did was take a bowl and fill it with Vinegar. I just used vinegar because I had it in the house, there may be other good methods to get rid of the corrosion. I soaked all the nozzles in the bowl for about 3 hours. Then I took a sewing needle and poked around the hole to clear out any corrosion. Soaked them for a couple more hours, and then rinsed them off under some hot water. Then I dried them off and sprayed each nozzle with little olive oil cooking spray to help prevent any more corrosion before storing them. There are lots of corrosion inhibitors on the market I just used something I had around. This method worked well as it opened 3 plugged nozzles for me.

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  3. Jimmy S.

    As machines go, it is one of the best ELECTRIC power washers available. BUT my machine came out of the box defective, the washer tips were plugged with grime, and it took me 2 days to figure it out AND that I really needed different washer nozzle tips to get the BEST performance from the Sun Joe. Buy nozzles rated either 2.5 or 2.7, the nozzles that come with the machine are 2.0, which i figured out experimentally.Here are my experimental results without boring everyone with the math…1.90 Gpm – ALL Soap low pressure nozzles1.15 Gpm – 2.0 Sun Joe high pressure nozzles1.35 Gpm – 2.7 Dusichin high pressure nozzles1.45 Gpm – 3.0 Twinkle Star high pressure nozzles(No Data – 2.5 high pressure nozzles)The best performance was from either the 2.7 or 3.0 nozzles, with the most power from the 2.7 nozzles. The high the nozzles rating and Gpm, the more water and therefore, the FASTER you can work a surface. But the tradeoff is depending on your machine’s power, you lose water pressure with the larger nozzle (imagine using the soap nozzles!) Interestingly, if the nozzles are TOO SMALL you will create backpressure on your machine’s pump, AND dramatically SHORTEN your machine’s life.Overall this is a quality machine, I changed mine to use the standard M22 14mm connections so I could use more ergonomic pressure washer guns with a REAR handle connection, which makes the gun and wand feel much lighter. I used a 14mm to 15mm adapter from Home Depot with part number 376192. I feel like I have a great machine with all of my changes.. 5 stars if you do all of this!PS I added a nozzle chart to the pics, if you see 2.5 Gpm nozzles, that means 2.5 Gpm at 4000psi, since this machine has a 2000psi max, you have to follow the chart down to 2000psi and look for the nozzles that match with our Sun Joe 1.76 Gpm, BOOM! it matches at 2.5. So the 2.5 Gpm designation is assuming you are running at 4000psi, it is simply an industry standard. 

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  4. Ravindra Kumar

    I usually don’t write bad comments on the product but this product has really frustrated me. First of all this product was a hit or miss in trying to get pressure build up for the power wash. After many tries, it used to work. Water will leak from the joint and as many suggest you need to buy a separate part to fix that. Then one fine day it just stopped working. Fortunately, it was still under warranty. They sent me a replacement. Replacement unit also broke down and it has a broken part where the pipe connects the gun. They don’t carry that part and I am out of the warranty now. They said I am out of options and they had the cheek to suggest that they will give me a 20% discount to buy a new power washer. Don’t recommend this power washer. Cheaply made!

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  5. Maneesh

    The unit does not start anymore; after only using it for about 5 times in the less than 3 years of ownership. I have left the unit in the garage for over a year and it does not work anymore. I called customer service (spoke to Kevin) and was told that he had to called back in 15 minutes to set up the unit for testing even though I told him that I can set it up in less than 5 minutes. I waited over 40 minutes before he called back. He said that there’s nothing that they can do even though I barely used the unit and suggested that I bring it to a homedepot for repair. It doesn’t seem like the company stand behind against the quality of their products.

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  6. Joseph

     I purchased this unit twice. Don’t be an idiot like me. Don’t even purchase it once! First unit purchased 8/12/2017 stopped working completely within 7 months. The newest unit, purchased 4/14/2018, is leaking directly from the motor case (see video).

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  7. Lijo

    At this time I can’t give a full review because a regular hose does not work on this machine. After discovering this myself I looked up other reviews on Amazon and the Sun Joe website to find out this has been a problem for years. I would have been OK with this if I knew upfront but Sun Joe says it works with any old hose you have. I have a few different hoses and not one will hook up without pulling out the rubber gasket on the machine. If you try that LOOK OUT! Water explosion everywhere. Ahhh good times.

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  8. Priya

    Total junk! Unit quit working a couple days after return period expired! Do not recommend at all!!!! Compound this with the fact I’m now stuck with a pressure washer and have heard nothing from Snow Joe LLC. Buy locally at Home Depot or Lowes – at least you’ll have a normal return period, have support right there in your own home town, and not be left high/dry by Amazon thousands of miles away.

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  9. Sidicas

    This was almost a 1 star review, like many others.Similar to many others, after 1 year in storage, the pressure washer ran for about half a second and then quit.For about 30 minutes, I could not get the pressure washer to work and I checked absolutely everything, power, water, etc.. Here are the facts.1. If the spraying hose is pressurized, then the motor will turn off and stay off. It will not turn on again regardless of how many times you toggle it on/off or how many times you unplug/plug it into the wall.2. If the unit isn’t getting enough water from it’s input, and the sprayer hose is not pressurized, the motor will run continuously.3. If the nozzles get wet, they will rust themselves shut.4. If you pull the trigger on the spraying hose, it will not spray anything and will not depressurize the spraying hose if #3 has happened.5. After use, due to adhesion properties of water, there are droplets of water that gets stuck in the tip nozzle. This causes #3.Items #1, #3, #4 combined led me to believe my unit was dead after only one use (most likely like many other one star reviews). So what I did was I took the tip off the spraying wand and took a #00 flat head precision screwdriver and pushed it through the rust blockage in the nozzle from the outside of the tip. Once I did that, reattached the tip and then the unit functioned normally.Very important lessons learned for this pressure washer:1. NEVER store your pressure washer with your nozzle tip still attached to the sprayer wand or it will not dry properly and rust out. There is a place to fit all the nozzle tips on the unit so they don’t get lost in storage.2. Take a paper towel and dry your nozzle tips off after every use. Otherwise they will rust out.Now my question, if anybody has the answer.Where can I buy nozzle tips that work with this modle and do not rust out?4 stars for rusting nozzle tips. I really like the different types of tips, but the fact that they rust out is no good.

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  10. Manoj

    THIS MACHINE NEEDS AN EXTRA PART THAT YOU HAVE TO ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!!THEY WILL SEND YOU THE PART FOR FREE, BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL AND ASK FOR IT TO BE SENT TO YOU.This pressure washer works GREAT! I took it out of the box and was able to wash down my front porch easily. My children ages 6-11 each took at turn using it and had no problems. It has lots of pressure and was able to wash the grime off the bricks and concrete with very little effort. It has lots of nozzles and the instruction manual is terrific.Unfortunately, after we disconnected everything and went to the backyard to reconnect it again the connector piece that connects the machine to the water hose wouldn’t make a good seal. The connector is PLASTIC and the grooves in the plastic stripped the first time we unscrewed it. We were able to carefully tighten it and turn the water on and use it…sometimes the grip would hold for a minute or two but most of the time the hose shot off the machine spraying water everywhere. After an hour of frustration (water hose disconnecting a dozen times) we called the manufacturer. They said it was a KNOWN PROBLEM and they would send us a replacement BRASS connector for FREE (which they do sell for $10 on their website). Sadly, this machine is useless without it. If you buy this machine, register it online and immediately (they won’t send you the part if you don’t register it) call the manufacturer and ask for the replacement connector. If you don’t you’ll be like us…looking at a striped back porch while we wait on the part we need to finish the job.

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