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Stanley STHT36000-812 3-meter Tough Case Tape

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Sold By samnantools
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Blade with Nylon coating that offers 2X longer life and protects blade from scratches,rust and corrosion.
Market leading blade standout that can go upto 180cm
High impact ABS for duatrbility

Pattern:3m Case Tape

STANLEY has been synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and value. From the “do-it-yourselfer” installing a ceiling fan to the professional contractor framing new homes, it’s a safe bet that Stanley has the right tool for the job. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence, and dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving our products to ensure quality and maximum function. Maintaining our standing of being the world’s best at what we do is important to us and what you expect from a name like STANLEY.

Blade with Nylon coating that offers 2X longer life and protects blade from scratches,rust and corrosion.
Market leading blade standout that can go upto 180cm
High impact ABS for duatrbility
Tru-Zero Hook for Accurate inside and outside measurements
Package Contents: 1-Tough Case Tape
Limited lifetime warranty offered on the product
For any warranty related issues or product feedback, please feel free to contact us through our customer care number on: [ 1860-425-1111 ] between 10AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday (except government holidays)

Reviews (0)

0 reviews for Stanley STHT36000-812 3-meter Tough Case Tape

  1. JP

    Straight out of the packaging this tape measure did not retract without assistance. When trying to measure anything over an inch it starts to twist and won’t lay flat.

  2. Vikas Mehtha

    Didn’t like that t didn’t have meters on it.

  3. MindofmenJim

    It’s a metric/imperial measuring tape. It’s great if you need to measure a longer distance in meters since you can just read it off the tape without needing to convert. It will also measure using feet and inches, so it does dual duty. You won’t find this in a U.S. hardware store, but you can get it here.

  4. Rakesh

    I bought this primarily for the metric scale. So since my desired resolution is at the mm I appreciate a very stable tab at the end of the tape. So far so good. I know theses tools have a life span, this one has not disappointing me, so far.

  5. Shahid

    so first impression out of the packaging this tape feels great. The rubber grip makes in more comfortable in the hands. The tape itself rolls out really clean and doesn’t retract at full speed so you won’t have it snap back at you like some other tapes. The tape being 1″ wide is very strong and has a nice finish, it can be held out straight at nearly 7 feet before falling under its own weight which is pretty impressive. As i’ve been adopting the metric system more and more it’s nice to have both cm and inches. now you may notice although there are no complaints so far, i didn’t give the item 5 stars. This is purely for the fact that the rubber bottom is rounded and being in a situations where you can’t hold the tape upright the whole time, its just going to fall over which is annoying. I guess over time it may flatten with friction but c’mon why not make the bottom flat so I can mark long measurements

  6. John W. McClelland

    Being a DYIer, I don’t need an expensive tape measure. But I was tired of buying the cheapest and replacing all the time. The cheapest lasted longer. Third use and it wouldn’t roll back in. Took it apart to try to fix and there was a crease in the inner roll (may have happened while I was pushing it back in). I’ve used Stanley tools in the past and think they’re good. This may be an anomaly, but I’ll be replacing with another brand.

  7. James S. MacLachlan

    I’ve had to add metric to my wood shop, so a good tape measure that does both is great. Typical high Stanley quality, works smoothly. I think I’ll get a just metric tape too, though. Having both means I can’t always read the side of the tape I want.

  8. Maud M.

    I read the 1star reviews and it’s a shame some people had bad experiences. Mine is smooth and the locking mech works beautifully. It’s solidly built and I can’t wait to beat the crap out of it. Tapes are disposable for those of us that use them hard and I get the feeling this one will give me my full $13 worth!

  9. Sandhyavu

    I grew up in the US with inches and feet, yards and miles. I now live in Mexico. I love that this has both SAE and Metric on the same tape. My husband always stood his ground, lol, and only used inches. I prefer both. I have always loved good tools and this feels good in the hand.

  10. Maneesh

    What I like best is how it works in my hand. By this I mean it does what I – personally – like a tape measure to do, and the way I like them to work.Not really impressed with the “Tylon” coating. My guess is it would be kinda expensive to double the coating on the first 8 feet – tripling on the first 4 feet – yet another layer on the first 2 feet – and, Oh Yeah, one more layer on the first 12 inches.Seriously – I wore the numbers off this thing.I also use if hard, often, and need to go fast.That said, I received my replacement of the same model yesterday from Amazon. Furthermore – it arrived early. Cheers!

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