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Aluminium Spray Paint Gun with Nylon 600 ml Cup Model H827 with Tool Kits (Blue)

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Sold By jselectricals
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Standard nozzle: 1.4mm, air inlet: g1/4
Low air pressure saves paint and protects the environment, good design of construction
Better than 75% transfer efficiency

Color name:Blue

Hvlp professional spray gun high low pressure with low air pressure saves paint and protects the environment, good design of construction. Nozzle size: 1.4 high atomization with low air pressure saves paint and protects the environment, good design of construction. Better than 75% transfer efficiency with less than 10% psi output pressure, ——-consumption cfm :12.3, air consumption: 6.0-11 cfm(170-300 Ltr/Min); feed type : gravity —–standard nozzle: 1.4mm, air inlet: g1/4″ —–capacity of cup: 600ml, air pressure: 3-4 bar(45-60PSI)

Standard nozzle: 1.4mm, air inlet: g1/4
Low air pressure saves paint and protects the environment, good design of construction
Better than 75% transfer efficiency
Consumption CFM :12.3, Air consumption: 6.0-11 CFM(170-300 Ltr/Min); Feed Type : gravity
Capacity of Cup: 600ML, Air pressure: 3-4 Bar(45-60PSI);

Reviews (0)

0 reviews for Aluminium Spray Paint Gun with Nylon 600 ml Cup Model H827 with Tool Kits (Blue)

  1. Samuel 

    I’ve owned several sprayers, and this one simply works the best. It sprays well, and doesn’t use as much air as others. My first one lasted for more than four houses before finally wearing out. I expect this one to last just as long.

    12 people found this helpful
  2. Shoju

    Workers good, if you know how to set it up and use it this works as good as any high$$ gun and bad review is someone just not knowing how to use paint equipment it works perfect .. shoots clear, stain, paint

    7 people found this helpful
  3. David

    This HVLP SPRAY gun works really well for my cabinet and countertops. Easy to clean out . Good price. I love this gun. 

    12 people found this helpful
  4. Swayne

    Very nice for what it is and for what purposes I use it. Not for painting automobiles unless you are not finicky about results. As always on new paint guns, make sure that you take it completely apart and clean it. This particular unit had metal chips from the manufacturing process in the head.

    14 people found this helpful
  5. Girlsh

    Being a beginner woodworker, when i decided to jump into the world of spraying my finish it was an eye opening endeavor. So many options, some cheap, some expensive but not really any glaringly obvious differences between them.. First thing i did was walk into Home Depot and buy the kit that came with 2 guns.. They worked but not in a way that was satisfying or consistent. Next place i went was Harbor Freight. Bought their 2 gun kit. This was better than HD’s kit, but they didnt last long and needed to be cleaned very well after each use… So now I have 4 guns and am still looking online to buy one that will actually work the way that i think it should.. So i gave this one a try and by far it’s the best one yet! Quality is legit, spray is sharp, strong and consistent. Cleanup is easy and just overall a pleasure to use. Very happy with it and would recommend this to any woodworker out there that wants to start spraying their finish on their projects. I use this to spray oil based sanding sealer and oil based lacquer. Works like a charm.

    34 people found this helpful
  6. Jackson

    I’ve waited a couple of months of usage to review this and for good reason: my luck with hvlp guns has been as good as my luck with the lottery – nothing but losers.This gun however has been absolutely excellent. I, knock on wood, haven’t had one single problem with this since it got out of its box and I’ve sprayed most of my car with it now and it lays on like glass.The harbor freight guns are cheap for a reason. Electric sprayers belong in the recycle bin. This sprayer belongs in the garage painting anything you need to.Thin to 2:1 with acetone and set at 34psi and this gun won’t let you down, you’ve got my word.

    27 people found this helpful
  7. Raju

    I bought this gun for the Campbell Hausfeld name and my previous experience with this company. I was disappointed from the start. First off I cleaned the big gun and noticed a leak coming from the spray needle area–a steady drip. I contacted customer service at C-H and a very nice lady asked if I had adjusted the gun and adjusted the adjustable fittings, which I had. She said there was nothing else to do. I tried the smaller touch-up gun. It didn’t leak but adjusting the spray pattern was next to impossible. Turning the knob had very little effect on the spray pattern. I have multiple C-H air tools and up until have been pleased all the products I’ve purchased. I’m sticking with my 30 year old C-H siphon feed spray gun. It was built when the Campbell Hausfeld name meant a quality product.

    One person found this helpful
  8. Ravi Shankar

    I used this paint gun with the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor which only has 2 cfm.It worked well. Although the compressor did kick in, it recovered quickly. I used it on some difficult parts of my deck railing. The gun covered well and was easy to use. I used latex and thinned it 10% and strained the paint.You must be careful cleaning it, even though I sprayed the gun with lots of fresh water right after spraying, the tip still needed cleaning.It is nice to have a paint Gun that will work with a small compressor….

    37 people found this helpful
  9. Art

    I was very surprised by this sprayer. I had low expectations due to the price. For $26 I figured it wouldnt be much better than a rattle can.The gun is light enough that fatigue isn’t an issue and it fits nicely in your hand.Normally a spray gun in this price range is very clunky and making small adjustments is almost impossible. That is not the case with this one. Threads are nicely cut and its very easy to make small, precise, adjustments. Its been 20+ years since ive sprayed and dialing in this gun only took me few seconds.Breakdown and cleaning was VERY easy. Only took a few min to breakdown, clean, oil, and reassemble.My only complaint is for an hvlp gun it is a bit of an air hog.All in all I am very happy with it. Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to clean, and sprays nicely.

    One person found this helpful
  10. Soubin

    Now I know it’s not a Satajet or one like that, but for small stuff that doesn’t need perfect spray, it works great. For $20 you can’t beat it. Granted it won’t perform like a $300 spray gun but not too shabby. I use it for spraying doors, cabinets and the like. Works great for what I do. I could see painting an old truck or Jeep in camo but not much more. When it wears out, I’ll replace it, it’s already paid for itself.

    9 people found this helpful

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