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Makita 1650 Watts Compound Saw LS1040

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Sold By Rainbow PVT LTD
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Features powerful 15 amp motor and dual post compound pivoting arm
Durably designed with a machined aluminum base, dual aluminum base, dual slide rails and a carbide tip blade
Dual post compound pivoting arm



Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw 255MM

Features powerful 15 amp motor and dual post compound pivoting arm
Durably designed with a machined aluminum base, dual aluminum base, dual slide rails and a carbide tip blade
Dual post compound pivoting arm
Saw includes vertical vise, blade, wrench and triangular rule


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Reviews (0)

0 reviews for Makita 1650 Watts Compound Saw LS1040

  1. Mano

    This is a well-made, powerful yet lightweight saw, easily transported to a work site and well-suited to a small home workshop such as my own. I have other Makita power tools, and have been happy with their quality, so I was favorably inclined to the LS1040. The only shortcomings I’ve identified so far concern engineering and design decisions. For some reason, Makita did not set the blade to be able to cut all the way through a 1×6; there’s a little remnant of about 1/8″. So close; why not go all the way? (The specs give the maximum cutting length as 5-1/8″ but it’s actually a bit more than that.) Initially I felt this to be a major design flaw (and it’s still a missed opportunity in my book), but I realized that the workaround is just to elevate your 1×6 slightly with a 1/4″ shim (making sure to clamp the work for stability). The other dimensional issue is that the vertical vise doesn’t close tightly enough to clamp a 1x member without an extra pice of blocking. You may want to do this anyway to avoid vise marks on your work, but it would be nice not to have to fumble with the extra piece of blocking where a vise mark was not an issue. On the whole, however, this is a solid, compact piece of equipment that, if past experience is any indication, I hope to get years of service from. PS: Contrary to the description, it does not come with a light.

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  2. Leonard

    I’ve had this saw for a couple of months now and so far it’s been great. I wanted a 10” miter saw for the portability. I am a carpenter by trade and do a good amount of trim work. A 10” saw like this has the ability to handle about 90-95 percent of the trim that will be installed in a typical middle class home. I know this has been observed by others already, but the saw is not quiet. The best way I’ve heard/read someone describe the way it sounds it that it “starts with a bang”. But it’s accurate, light weight, well made, and reasonably priced. I’d definitely recommend this saw to a professional or DIYer. 

  3. Suresh

    I bought this as a Father’s Day gift. I did my due diligence and researched these things pretty heavily as tools are not in my arsenal of knowledge. I was concerned – wasn’t sure how much use he would be able to get out of it – or if he purposes for it even, but seemed like a nice manly gift to give on Father’s Day.Since receiving he has been working or project after project so it seems we are getting use out of it – but he will just randomly start a conversation about it and how nice it is (usually around feature x,y or z).Currently him and my son are building a skateboard ramp – so I guess possibilities are endless with this.Overall, from what I can tell, it’s built nice, blade is lasting, easy to move around and there is not dust all over the place.I am glad we went with this product – I don’t n ke if any other one would have had such a positive response!

  4. ODG96

    Great saw, works with precise preset angles, HOWEVER, it was not made in the USofA, as stated on the product info page, which was the determining factor for buying the Makita. It was made in CHINA! Still, it’s a fine tool, lightest of all them, & I ain’t shippin’ it back.

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  5. H. M. Johnson III

    They sent it via USPS and they delivered TWO miter saws ($418.00 worth) after we closed and left it outside in plain view over night. USPS are IDIOTS!!! They left it right under our sign that gives our shop hours … not a car in the parking lot, all doors closed and locked! We are in an industrial area in not the nicest area of town. Again USPS are IDIOTS!!! Only by the grace of God did they NOT get stolen….

    5 people found this helpful
  6. Dileep

    I have owned and heavily used over 5 miter saws in the last 10 years. This is my first power tool that is made in China. Quality is a little below my expectations for Makita. The angle dentent lever flexes, which allows play. The blade guard is thin and unreinforced. The angle indicator arrow is sloppily painted. Angle lock screw handle is cheap feeling. Alignment out of the box is lacking. I only will put up these issues because it is super light weight and I have a wrecked back. Some positive aspects are very high motor quality and nice machining on the base/ table and fence. The best power tools that I own are Makita. Those are all made in Japan, USA, and Taiwan. I have tried all of the German brands with lackluster results. Now I usually buy Dewalt due to their return to US manufacturing.

    29 people found this helpful
  7. mohan

    This is a really nice saw. It seems well made with heavy gauge materials. Sturdy, very powerful, strong table and fence, and very accurate angled cuts. It does have braking when stopping, there was some discussion about that. Only four stars because the sales add clearly states “Made in the USA” and it is not. The complete saw is made in China. Also only having the two front legs for mounting on a bench or stand seems a dumb design to me. The saw starts and stops with a lot of torque that over the years might lead to cracking from stress being put only on the front legs. I modified one back leg to allow mounting on one back leg.

    5 people found this helpful
  8. Jabir

    I checked out detailed reviews of the Makita compound sliding miter saw by wood working contractors online before I ordered this non-sliding miter from Makita. I agree with their findings. Makita is simple, but very accurate and easy to adjust for precise work (all the contractors testing agreed it was the best saw for accuracy – over Bosch, DeWalt, Craftsman, Ryobi). I found that to be the case. Have compared this Makita to Ryobi and Rigid directly (10 inch compound sliding both). Both have nice cutting aids – laser, light shadow, but neither was as accurate and easy to adjust for precise accuracy of cuts as the Makita. I’d give 5 Stars to this Makita if it had more included work aids and accessories. Rigid is a 3 Star saw on accuracy in my view. Ryobi is 2 Stars.

    9 people found this helpful
  9. Rakesh

    This is my first mitre saw. I bought it to replace a fence knocked down by a snow plow. It worked well with pressure treated lumber as well as PVC. I really love this saw and plan to use it extensively to help maintain our hundred year old house. Amazon lists it as made in the USA. I did not believe that and sure enough it was made in China. That being said I did not think there was any compromise in terms of quality. This is a great, easy to use tool.An additional note: I followed the directions to change the blade and ran into a problem. The bot holding the blade assembly together was a real challenge to remove. I tried the provided socket wrench and in addition a crescent wrench, Vice-Grip pliers, a ratcheting socket wrench, all to no avail. Finally I used a rubber mallet to force the provided socket wrench to loosen the bolt. A few wacks with the hammer did it. I share this with any other buyers who might run into the same problem. Still love the saw in any event.

    3 people found this helpful
  10. Girl

    I upgraded my older [not compound] Makita 10″ with this one. It fit into the cut off table just like I was hoping. I always upgrade the blade. Older saw still works, it is relegated to my barn now. New one is light weightMine was not damaged but there is no indication on the box as to which side is up so – it does move around in the box and there is just cardboard triangles to keep it in place – they do NOT and the bottom of the box was messed up from all the movement arriving upside down.

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