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iBELL WIND55 Universal Motor 1600 Watt Pressure Washer (Black & Orange)

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Sold By samnantools
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Maximum Pressure: 130 Bar/13 MPw. Universal Motor
Maximum Flow Rate: 7 litre/Min. Long Life Aluminium Pump
Hose Length & Power Cord : 5 meters Wheeled Chassis For Easy Movement


Maximum Pressure: 130 Bar/13 MPw. Universal Motor
Maximum Flow Rate: 7 litre/Min. Long Life Aluminium Pump
Hose Length & Power Cord : 5 meters Wheeled Chassis For Easy Movement
Power: 1600 watts. Spray with Adjustable Nozzle. AC 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz
Common reasons for low pressure : 1. Check if there is dust in Nozzle hole & Filter(Dust in the nozzle hole can be cleaned by removing the nozzle from the gun and use the pin provided with warranty card to remove dust and also make sure the nozzle is washed before attaching to the gun) 2. Check if the transparent inlet filter is connected upside down. 3. Check if there is enough speed in tap water .

Reviews (0)

0 reviews for iBELL WIND55 Universal Motor 1600 Watt Pressure Washer (Black & Orange)

  1. Sateesh

     It is light weight, easy to move and easy to adjust the pressure. the plug has a safety switch.Since I bought this product, I washed both cars very quickly. Easy to store pipe.

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  2. Ahamed

    I want one small one around 3500psi even I had a big one for 4200psi. Having the big one is nice, but it is really heavy to bring in and out to use it. So, I want a small one just for small use like car wash or work on my rental houses. The day it arrived, I tore into the package and began assembly. I have no issues there at all because it is simple and straightforward. I took it around back to the area on our siding and test it out. I connected the hose, added a little soap the reservoir and started in on the project. This is little different for me since I always prefer gas, and this one is electric. I really put this thing through its initial paces on my first day of ownership. I couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. I had my reservations about its quality and ability to do what I needed. It is already out, so I went ahead and wash other things too. I’ve power washed my back deck, much of my siding, a sidewalk, and many of my windows, and all with great success. I like the adjust ability of the spray nozzle and the additional option of adjusting the angle of attack is super helpful. It just need a quick push or pull of the end of the nozzle, allows for soap to be dispensed and then back to the high powered spray action. I really am happy with it because this thing sprays awesome, and it is good enough for most homeowner jobs.

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  3. Elizabeth Nugent

    This is an outstanding product for the money. Does a very good job. I wanted to give a 4-star because the assembly instructions are horrible! But it does such a good job I decided to give a 5-star. The picture shows in process during my driveway cleaning. It did such a good job that my neighbor came over and asked me where I got it. 

    14 people found this helpful
  4. SaraBear

    I bought this power washer to clean the outside of my vehicles and also the exterior of my home. It also works great for spaying off the concrete outside of my house. It needs electricity and the 33 ft cord is long enough I can use it without an extension cord. The hose is 26 feet long also so it has great reach and there is a hose real to keep the hose put away and undamaged.I really like that the power washer has a basin for detergent and the motor is powerful! ait has an 1800-watt motor to generate up to 2150 PSI and a whopping 1.85 gallons per minute of water!There are 2 ways you can provide a water source for the pressure washer: *You can hook it up directly to your water spout outside (like you would a garden hose) .*You can also put the hose in a large bucket and the pressure washer will suck up the water from there. The gun has a trigger tou have to push to get the water to come out and it wont expel any water if the trigger isnt pushed. For the nozzle you twist to the right for high pressure and twist to the left for low pressure.Everything included in the box:1 x Spray gun1 x High/Low pressure nozzle1 x Garden Hose quick Connector1 x High pressure hose1 x Nozzle cleaning wire1 x Detergent tankOverall this is such a great power washer to have at home! The 2 big wheels on the bottom and handle make it easy to roll around and get it where you need it to go. Itll pay for itself in no time by saving me money on going to the car wash!

    14 people found this helpful
  5. Nivas

     I can only say Woww..This pressure washer works better than what I expected. To be fair, this is my first pressure washer so I don’t really know what to expect.I’ve been looking online and try to educate myself about the psi etc, mainly I’m just using this to clean my deck.Once it arrives, reading the manual, installing the parts and everything took about 15-20 minutes I think.Turn it on, and the power is more than what I expected. it nicely clean my deck.Pros:* Powerful pressure washer* Long cable* Easy to setup and useCons:* Rather than a cons probably more of a suggestion, I wish the power adapter is smaller. I need to plug it on a flush wall socket (which in my case indoor), the adapter is too big for my outdoor outlet because it has weatherproof outlet cover (the box thing that cover your outlet)* The spray gun holder need to be a little bit higher. With the way it is, it touches the ground, so if you just drop the gun, it will hit the ground.. I need to put it down slowly.Note: I have no idea why the uploaded pictures rotate sideways. The original picture is in the right portrait mode. 

    23 people found this helpful
  6. Anish

    I’ve never owned a pressure washer before, so I relied on amazon reviews and ratings. I wish there were more photos available before I made my purchase, so it wouldn’t have felt like a gambl3. It was quite fun erasing all the grime from the patio with ease. I mainly used the 15 and 25 degree nozzle and held it pretty close to the ground which was fine. The different heads are easily interchangeable. Like I said, I’ve never owned a pressure washer before, so I can’t compare it. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble following the instructions. It’s worth the purchase!Here are the facts.1. If the spraying hose is pressurized, then the motor will turn off and stay off. It will not turn on again regardless of how many times you toggle it on/off or how many times you unplug/plug it into the wall.2. If the unit isn’t getting enough water from it’s input, and the sprayer hose is not pressurized, the motor will run continuously.3. If the nozzles get wet, they will rust themselves shut.4. If you pull the trigger on the spraying hose, it will not spray anything and will not depressurize the spraying hose if #3 has happened.5. After use, due to adhesion properties of water, there are droplets of water that gets stuck in the tip nozzle. This causes #3.Very important lessons learned for this pressure washer:1. NEVER store your pressure washer with your nozzle tip still attached to the sprayer wand or it will not dry properly and rust out. There is a place to fit all the nozzle tips on the unit so they don’t get lost in storage.2. Take a paper towel and dry your nozzle tips off after every use. Otherwise they will rust out.

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  7. Katey Yu

     I used the pressure washer and the effects were instant. The ground became very clean in a short amount of time and I am very happy with the result of this. It was very easy to assemble, and it is very durable and easy to use. It is also not too heavy, and anyone would be able to use/lift it easily. Overall, it is a great product. 

    13 people found this helpful
  8. Wesley xie

    It is really convenience for home , light weight, easy to move .I had a gas pressure washer 3000 psi, it was really powerful, I have to use two hands to handle it ,so you can imagine how tired my hands after works, and it was big, after it got dead, I decided to buy a electric one to instead.It definitely do the work , I only used it to wash my fences and driveway now, I am satisfied with this purchase! 

    17 people found this helpful
  9. Subash 

    Pretty good, easy to install. I can use high pressure water to wash my car. Aslo, it has soap feature, good design.

    18 people found this helpful
  10. Ansar

     The entire time I was using this thing I kept saying “wow, why didn’t we get this thing sooner?”. This pressure washer is amazing! It’s very easy to assemble, lightweight, and easy to use. All you have to do is connect your hose directly into the washer itself and attach the spray nozzle and it’s ready to go. The pressure washer itself has a compartment that can be filled with detergent to be used to wash your car which is very easy to fill, clean, and use. The video attached is of us cleaning our fiberglass roofdeck with just water and it’s amazing how quickly you can see the debris wash away. Our deck looks brand new! The nozzle that comes with the pressure washer has A few different settings which you can easily adjust by twisting it to increase/decrease the pressure and spray. This works well on cement too! Having this pressure washer will certainly restore our outdoor spaces back to new again.

    16 people found this helpful

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