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Chicken Feather Cleaning Machine - (6 Birds)

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Sold By Rainbow PVT LTD
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This Machine Can Clean 6 Birds at a time .We will Deliver The Machine  All Over India Through Parcel Services Like ABT,VRL,Delhivery,Krs…etc



Product Description for chicken Feather Cleaning Machine in kerala,

Owing to a modernized infrastructure for trouble-free processing & post-production, we are instrumental in offering Chicken Feather Cleaning Machine in kerala. The offered feathering machine is used for removing chicken feathers after slaughter. This feathering machine is designed by making use of the quality-approved material in compliance with industry standards. Our offered feathering machine is available in assorted specifications to meet the varied demands of the customers.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Precisely engineered
  • High functionality
  • Hi efficient double rope and gearbox system
  • Export quality product

The finest range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment is manufactured, wholesaler and traded by us at “Samnan kitchen Equipments “, ever since our establishment in the year 2007. The offered range comprises the finest chicken Feather Cleaning Machine in kerala, vegetable Cutting Machine and Grilling Machine, which are widely acclaimed and asked for. Making of this range is done as per the set industry norms and guidelines, utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. This ensures the product’s performance, capacity, strength and longer service life. In addition to this, the offered range is priced at the most reasonable rate possible.
Our highly developed state-of-the-art infrastructural facility has been equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment, which facilitates several of the firm’s predefined goals and targets. The facility at Samnan kitchen Equipments Service, undergoes regular up-gradation, for reasons of maximizing our reach in the market. To attain smoother and effective management of the firm’s operations, the facility has been parted into a number of highly operational units. In addition to this, our highly ethical working habits have helped us in generating a huge client base.

We are offering chicken Feather Cleaning Machine in kerala, to the prestigious clients. These cabinets are fabricated using best quality substances combined with most advanced tools and machineries of the industry. These machines are manufactured using best quality resources obtained from genuine vendors combined with advanced machinery

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Chicken Feather Cleaning Machine - (6 Birds)

  1. Marion J.

    First of all, I love it. Plain and simple this was worth every dime I paid for it and at $499 plus free shipping ( cheaper now), an unbelievably useful addition to my homestead that has paid for itself in the number of chickens I’m able to process. I hate plucking chickens by hand. It would take me sometimes 15-20 minutes to do a chicken the old fashioned way. Using this plucker, 15-20 seconds max. You need to do two chickens at the same time and it does have some issues with larger chickens. But the good news there is the feathers it leaves are the large ones that are really easy to pluck. So even large chickens, usually larger roosters, that it does not pluck all the way you can still clean up in less than a minute.The construction is quality stainless steel with a design that allows for easy cleanup. My only negative is like other reviewers, I hate the small wheels. This winter I’m going to see if I can do a modification to fix that issue.As an aside, I looked at scalders and could not justify the Rs 17000 to Rs 21000 price tag. From Samnan. I ordered a high pressure gas burner and an electronic thermometer. Off of Craigslist I got a very thick, heavy duty aluminum stock pot.his helpful

  2. Musthu

     If I had to use one word to describe this it would be MAGIC! I grew up plucking chickens as a child and I can tell you it was not my favorite thing to do. Now in my 50’s, I have not gotten any fonder of it. However, if you want to raise your own chickens, its got to be done. After my kids left the house this chore fell on my wife and I. We decided we needed a better way. I watched videos on this pucker and said, there is no way. I was fully expecting to be disappointed yet again by a video promotion witch oversold a product. Not this time. If you watch the videos for this, that is exactly how wonderful it is. 20 seconds on the spin cycle and those chickens come out as bald as I am. It turned a full day of work in to a pleasant mornings chore. I highly recommend one to anyone who is tired of spending their whole day plucking.

    57 people found this helpful
  3. Suguna Chicken Coimbatore

    Took a while to come in – although I knew it would before I ordered it. The Samnan Chicken Plucker is well made. Very easy to put together. Instructions are very straight-forward and easy to understand.Secret to getting the most out of it is to scald the chickens correctly. Need to make sure water is held between 140 – 150 degrees. When you can pull a large wing feather off with no resistance, bird is ready to be plucked. This usually takes between 10 – 15 seconds. Instructions mention tail feathers also – DO NOT WAIT FOR TAIL FEATHERS TO COME OUT EASILY – IT WILL BE OVERDONE AND WILL RUIN YOUR CHICKEN. ( I know through trial and error!!!)Out of 7 chickens, I ruined one because I over-scalded it. Three come out perfectly with not even a pin feather, the other three still had a couple of tail feathers and a couple of large wing feathers. Not a big deal – I removed them in about 5 seconds.Overall the process from starting the scald and finishing with plucking was approximately 30 – 35 seconds.I can honestly say that it works as advertised. Cleaning is easy and took about 10 minutes. Watch the video.I bought this due to the price and mobility of the unit. I can’t compare it to the other pluckers out there because I’ve never seen one in person being used. I can say that to make my own would cost between 18000, therefore it was worth spending a little extra to get one ready made. 

    67 people found this helpful
  4. Zam Zam cafe

    The unit functioned fine without the new part but when you spend your hard earned dough on an item you want it to look great as well. The Samnan customer service is excellent. They answer the phone and speak English without an accent.The unit has some assembly required however for hundreds of dollars less than any other unit I was wiling to use a couple of wrenches to put it together. The instructions are well done and obviously written by someone that knows the English language. The manual contains assembly instructions, warnings, and even a parts page that shows all of the replacement parts that one could order if there was an issue. I was pleasantly surprised that there is a one year warranty published in the manual and there is a serial number on the manual cover that matches the serial number on the machine. I found this useful while calling customer service.Like many others I considered building a plucker. I looked at the detailed lists of parts that others have published to build their own. you needed to be a machinist, a carpenter, and dabble at being an electrician to get it all together. To put this in perspective I researched purchasing a 1.5 H.P. washdown grade motor and the motor cost as much as this entire machine.This unit is a performer. With 1.5 H.P. and no belt slippage this thing can easily handled two seven pound birds. It’s advertised rating is two eight pound birds and I believe that it can handle it. It is advertised as completely plucking two birds in 15 seconds. This is also accurate. If you are familiar with plucking by hand or with one of those external drum pluckers that throws the feathers everywhere this product will speed up the operation substantially.The secret is in the scald just as all other plucker users and reviewers have mentioned. When you are processing and forget to turn the scalder burner off you will get a couple of chickens with ripped skin. I also had a couple of birds with broken knee joints however the next step is to cut the foot off at the knee so this is not a deal breaker.The drive train is completely sealed and maintenance free (says the manual). We will see if it stands the test of time but it appears to be very solid especially in the drive train (motor, gearbox, and output shaft).After butchering the machine can be cleaned by releasing the latches on the tub. There is a nifty safety switch that does not allow the machine to operate without the stainless tub in place.My only complaint is that the on/off switch is a bit hidden from sight. Once a few birds are processed finding the switch is second nature but it takes some practice.All in all this product works and does exactly what is advertised. I would recommend this to a friend. 

    138 people found this helpful
  5. dd76522

    Why the &*#% did I spend all those years plucking chickens by hand???? I feel both cheap and dumb now.:(The plucker came well packaged, was easy to assemble, and to get into operation. It was also easy to clean up and put away.We butcher chickens as a group with a few friends to easy the work and most years have done 20-25 a day and spend two days at it. This year we did 56 in less time. We usually start at 8 and finish up at 8 or so. This year we spent way to much time just watching this thing get chickens naked while making oooh and awwww sounds, we started about 1130, took A LOT of breaks and finished up about 8 still!Now I’m already considering purchasing a second plucker to accelerate the process even more and maybe up the number of birds, it’s not all roses. The only negative thing I’d say about it is that it doesn’t always get 100% of the feathers, just 99%. In my opinion the tiny amount of feathers we had to pull here and there by hand is a nonissue.10/10 would buy again and I’m considering buying a second already.

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  6. Faizal

    This is a great larger, inexpensive machine for small homesteads. I have been using this on six to seven pound chickens and it never gives up. Larger feather need to be removed in between use sometimes for standard chickens but the Cornish cross have no trouble in that. Cleaning is a little tedious since the feathers will get stuck under the plucking fingers but they are standard plucking fingers that everyone uses. It did come in the factory box but the box was in good condition when it got here. I can see why some people said it should have bigger wheels since you do have to tilt it quite a bit to move it. Set up was easy, the only issue was they give you three extra fingers to install for feather clean up and they were a bear to get in. It just showed me that I was glad that I didn’t build one myself as this task would have been multiplied by the hundreds.. Between the attitude from the butcher about setting butcher dates and the rising cost of processing, if this machine makes it through two seasons it will have paid for itself. Ducks are next up…

    33 people found this helpful

    Very happy with this chicken plucker. I wanted the larger Featherman plucker (and still do) but Santa has not been forthcoming. The Yardbird is smaller but is still very functional. I can only process one large chicken at a time but in 20 seconds almost all the feathers are gone. The few remaining can easily be removed in a few seconds by hand. I experienced no tears in the skin or any other problems. Definitely too small for a turkey but just perfect for even the largest meat chickens. I haven’t tried smaller birds.

    5 people found this helpful
  8. Jithin

    Good machine for removing chicken feather

  9. Lalu

    The offered feathering machine is used for removing chicken feathers after slaughter. This feathering machine is designed by making use of the quality

  10. Jagdeesh

    Ok, wow! I’ve always hand plucked but this year my husband didnt want to. Where has this been all my life!!!!!! Works VERY well and alot more quiet than I was expecting. So, the directions were ok to assemble but we were missing many parts that the parts list showed. Looks like we were ok but looks like the parts we were missing were already pre installed. 1 thing I wish it had was a handle!!! This guy is HEAVY! I’m not very big and strong so moving it around was a bit of a chore. So maybe an upgrade could be a small handle to transport. Overall, I would recommend to anybody!!!! I have a YouTube channel Bald Knob Farmstead and I did have this on my 1st chicken processing video of 2020. Conclusion- Blown away and I should have bought this ages ago!!!

  11. Mohan

    Wow! It works! It’s so speedy, saves so much time and effort, and makes a prettier carcass than my hand plucking ever did.My one gripe is their customer service. The first time I called, I held for 20 minutes, then hung up. Still needed them, so the next time I waited 30 minutes for a human to pick up. The representative actually laughed when I told her I’d waited 30 minutes and said most people wait longer than that! What a response! So I’ll save you that 30 minute wait and a rude, dismissive customer representative: The rubber fingers are a total bear to put in. There’s no easy way to do it, just keep pulling and pretend you’re working out. It will be worth it in the end.

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  12. Mubeen

    Hand-plucking wasn’t delivering the quality product I wanted from my birds, so I bit the bullet and purchased this plucker. Thus far I’m happy I did – it looks well built and was not too difficult to assemble (I worried after reading some of the reviews, but the only issue was inserting the last ‘finger’ piece – I found using my feet to steady the base and then pulling the finger with a sturdy pair of pliers did the trick).It is simple to operate and does a great job when the bird is correctly scalded – of the birds I’ve done thus far a third come out perfectly in about 20sec while most of the others require a 5sec clean-up by hand to remove any remaining feathers. Keeping the scalding water a consistent 145F works for me – a minute later (once a wing feather comes out easily) it’s ready to go. Have yet to experience a skin tear, but have had a couple broken bones.My only issue is that after every 3rd or 4th bird I need to undo the barrel/top and manually remove the mass of feathers that have built up in the unit. It only takes a minute or two, but it’s definitely something the manufacturer should work on.

    3 people found this helpful

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