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VMTC Roller Floor Tool Vacuum Cleaner Accessory – for Karcher WD1, WD2, WD3, WD4, WD5, WD6

1,200.00 950.00 sold by: Kitchbazar
VMTC brings you Roller Floor tool for wet & dry applications or even carpets. This switchable Roller Floor Tool is ideal for all kind of application on floor. DESCRIPTION: Strongly built with 2 rollers which gives the best in class sliding experience. It can also be adapted quickly and easily from carpet mode (Dry) to floor mode (Wet&Dry) by the means of a foot switch (Toggle Switch). COMPATIBILITY: This vacuum cleaners accessory kit has attachments with inner diameter of 35mm. This is compatible with KARCHER multi purpose vacuum cleaner WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 3 Premium, WD 4, WD 4 Premium, WD 5, WD 5 Premium, WD 6 Premium, VC3, DS 5.800. Also compatible with Miele vacuum cleaners and many more.