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VMTC Basic Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit – for Karcher WD1, WD2, WD3, WD4, WD5, WD6.

949.00 sold by: Kitchbazar
VMTC strives to offer its customers a durable, long-lasting “Basic Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit” which is a good combination of vacuum cleaner accessories required in any household with a vacuum cleaner. DESCRIPTION: UPHOLSTERY NOZZLE - is used for cleaning your sofas, chairs, car seats, mattresses, heavy curtains, cushions etc. BRUSH KIT - has two brushes, one with hard(white) and one with soft(black) bristles. Hard bristles brush ensures thorough cleaning of upholstered and carpeted surfaces (for example foot mats and car seats). Soft bristles brush allows gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces (for example dashboards and centre console). COMPATIBILITY: This vacuum cleaners accessory kit has attachments with inner diameter of 35mm. This is compatible with KARCHER multi purpose vacuum cleaner WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 3 Premium, WD 4, WD 4 Premium, WD 5, WD 5 Premium, WD 6 Premium, VC3, DS 5.800. Also compatible with Miele vacuum cleaners and many more.