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Kenyu Cordless Driver Drill CD12-74, 12-Volts (2 Battery+BMC Box+Extra 2 Sides Screw Driver Head)

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Kenyu Cordless Driver Drill

1500Ma Battery Capacity; Drill – 10mm Steel, 15mm Wood; Dual Speed, RPM350 and RPM 1400
Dual Speed, RPM350 and RPM 1400; Allows countersinking without damaging material
Compact and Lightweight; Easy store BMC Box with separate compartments for accessories


Kenyu Cordless Driver Drill  1500Ma Battery Capacity; Drill – 10mm Steel, 15mm Wood; Dual Speed, RPM350 and RPM 1400.Dual Speed, RPM350 and RPM 1400; Allows countersinking without damaging material
Compact and Lightweight; Easy store BMC Box with separate compartments for accessories
Fearturing variable speed controls, 2 speed Settings, battery charge indicator etc.
Ideal for drilling into wood, metal plastic and all screw driving tasks


Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Kenyu Cordless Driver Drill CD12-74, 12-Volts (2 Battery+BMC Box+Extra 2 Sides Screw Driver Head)

  1. Kumar Vikash

    I started making pen for quail birds (a venture soon to be started) in order to grow my farm and soon felt the need of a drilling machine. The biggest question was to go for a corded one or cordless because of the power it can deliver. To avoid all the clutter I thought of ordering a cordless one to see if it will serve the purpose or not and I must say that I fell in love with this beast which is quite powerful and compact with a good build quality.With extra battery I can keep doing my work without being interrupted which again makes it at par with a corded one. The drill itself is lightweight which makes is easy to maneuver. At times a situation came while making the pen that after covering it from all sides I needed to make some holes and because of the limited space inside the pen I couldn’t have held the drill at 90 degrees but was still able to drill by making use of the flexible shaft (orange accessory). So far I have used only on woods and concrete and hopeful that it will be equally good on metal as well. I will update my review when I try to on metal.Overall a good product recommended to people looking for a drill machine. 

  2. Murugan

    This is a little powerhouse! I have drills going clear back to the 1950’s when they were heavy weight steel and everything in between but needed something that can be easily maneuvered (CTS and UTS bit me so can’t handle the others anymore).I bought this on a whim as I’m redoing my kitchen and bathrooms and this says it does everything. I was skeptical but not anymore!In addition to coming with drill bits and screwdriver heads (which most of us probably have BUT nice to have in one tidy case 😊), it has “headlights” and SUPER FAST charging!Look no further for one helluva lil’ powerhouse.I just LOVE this drill!

  3. Rahim

    I’ve used a small variety of cordless drills in the past, and often run into lack of power to get screws fully inserted, or drill holes past a certain depth.This drill has yet to have this issue. I just drilled holes in drywall and wooden studs for a TV mount, can crusher, and also curtains. At first, The drill struggled halfway into the first stud, but after cranking up the torque, I was pleasantly surprised that it not only made all drill holes quite easily, it also inserted all screws without issue.I never ran into an issue with the battery life, but as long as you keep the backup battery charged, I imagine you’ll get any job done without the drill quitting on you.The screw bits fit well and did not strip. As for the included drill bits, I have yet to confirm their quality as I required different sizes for my project. The default drill bits are probably acceptable to start with, but I’d still recommend getting a different set of bits of higher quality and sizes.If you do intend to order separate bits, make sure the set fits the 3/8″ (10mm) max chuck lock, and you’ll be fine.There are no projects for me to test the concrete or metal drilling capabilities yet, but as long as you use the right torque, speed, and drill bit, I can’t imagine you will run into too much trouble. As for cleaning extensions, I did order a variety of different brush heads that I plan to clean tile grout, my grill, car upholstery, and a various other things.The brush head included is most likely an all purpose one that works decently for most jobs, but I prefer to have the right specialized tool for each job.

  4. anonymous

    I am a woman 60 years old and very tired of The backbreaking work of scrubbing tiles and showers I bought this drill to aid in my cleaning It worked fabulously it’s a very powerful I like the fact that it comes with two batteriesI didn’t like that it didn’t come with any instructions I guess people who make these things assume that everyone knows how to adjust our chuckless drill It has a little bit of weight to it but not bad maybe 5-6 lbsIt’s not as bad as other cordless drill‘s that was important to me I wanted the power without the cord

  5. MiamiGuitarMan

    ::Updated review::I bought this during Prime day for just over $40. I have a more expensive cordless drill/screwdriver made by Black & Decker and all I needed this one for is to have an inexpensive cordless screwdriver at work for small projects. The B&D takes care of my heavy-duty projects.Upon receiving it I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a difference between high and low speeds. I contacted the seller and they were excellent in getting back to me and even took pictures with some instructions. Turns out it’s a clutch-based system so the RPMs you hear will be the same whether it’s set to high or low speed, but the rotation of the bit will change depending on the setting.Basically, it works just like it’s supposed to. I literally just finished taking apart a medium sized computer lab (disassemble furniture, monitors screwed onto mounts, etc…) and had no issues. I only used one of the batteries which lasted the entire project which was about 2 hours. The battery was still going strong so I’m sure it would have lasted longer. The batteries are small so I wouldn’t expect them to last too much longer than that but for light to medium-duty projects this should do the job perfectly.The overall build quality is what I’d expect from something at this price point. Not a commercial grade tool but great for a consumer-grade tool for home or work.Overall, it seems like a decent cordless screwdriver/drill with a varied assortment of accessories for the price I paid. Add the support I received from the seller and I’ll rate it 5 stars.

  6. John

    I definitely highly recommend this cordless drill. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this also was a driver with a hammer function. It comes with a nice looking, high quality, sturdy case to keep the drill and all of its accessories. The accessories were a very nice extra including socket set, drill bits (general, metal, masonry), screwdriver attachments, a drill brush attachment, a long flexible extension adapter, and drywall anchors with screws. One of the best features of this cordless drill set is the dual batteries. I was so frustrated with my last cordless drill because it would always loose power at the most inopportune time and I would have to stop the project that i’m working on to wait for the drill to power up again. Because this set comes with 2 batteries, this problem is solved. I just replace the battery and continue on with my project. The battery charger includes a convenient quick charge feature. The Built-in LED Light illuminates your project surface upon drill activation, increasing visibility and allowing you to work in low light conditions. My old black and decker drill stopped charging and I was in the market to purchase a new one. I found this cordless drill kit and was very impressed with the price and all of its features. This cordless drill works so much better than my previous more expensive drill. I am pleased I bought this product. Overall, it is a great cordless drill set. I highly recommend and believe you will not be sorry. 

  7. Muhammed Rizwan

    I needed a drill that would allow me to drill in to stucco. My existing cordless drill (a Rs 3000 competitor) could not do it. It just made a lot of noise and that was about it.I read that the task needed a hammer drill. I was not willing to spend a lot since the task was relatively limited in scope. Found the Goxawee cordless driver drill with hammer. The price was right, it had the features I needed for the task, came with two batteries and lots of accessories. Figured this was a great tool for the job and, if it was no good, I had spent little and could send it back.Well – not only am I keeping it, i just donated my other drill to charity.This drill is amazing! It drilled in to stucco really fast, the batteries charged in under an hour each, and the accessories are really good quality.I cannot recommend this tool more. There are only 5 stars for value for money – there needs to be more for this product!

  8. Dev raj

    update: They reached out to me and was communicative. A working replacement battery was sent. One replacement bit was straight. That’s alright, we already got other bits. Added back a star for the great effort and constant communication; they tried to make things right and definitely fixed the battery issue.First, the disappointing bits. For small home projects, you’re likely drilling into wood/soft surfaces. All 3 brad point bits that came with the kit are slightly bent, the hss ones were okay. So combined with drill runout, you can’t drill a straight or proper sized hole with the bent bits. Now you have to spend more and buy more bits.Second, batteries. They fit without falling out, good. Fully charged, one lasts half the time of the other. So there is low quality control. Especially since it is important to have a spare, knowing that it is unlikely you will find one as time passes. At which point the whole drill becomes environmental waste.Thirdly, the drill itself. Has slight wobble/runout. Tested by video recording over graph paper. Not much worse than a budget black decker or dewalt. Though these other budget drills are name brand, usa warranty and cheaper albeit without hammer function.Conclusion, passable. Recommend purchase at full price? No, not with the one defective battery and bent bits. At discounted coupon price, passable, since you have to replace bent bits. A good deal? Not really, since you might have the hassle of having only one good battery, and getting more bits. I wonder at the spurt of short-sentenced early five star reviews. At this total cost and hassle, easier to buy a name brand kit on sale. This would be less powerful, but easier to deal with if there are defects.

  9. Vinodh

    My black and decker cordless drill battery was dead and i was looking to replace the battery but i ran in to this product which was a good deal with lots of accessories and extra battery seemed better idea to give it a try and get 100 pieces of things for the price of a replacement battery. I am glad I bought this unit it has all the accessories i needed the best thing i loved about is the flexible screw head which can be used on any narrow space.I was finally able to fix my driveway outdoor plug cover after with this drill. I made the job easy. The only thing I didn’t like about this drill is the shape of the battery which limits the drill to stand by itself on the battery unlike my other black&decker drill. But it is not a big deal. Overall this was a good buy!

  10. Zakir

    I’ve had two orders now. The first one came in dirty, reeking of smoke and scratched. The ownets manual was filthy and bent. The drill bags were scratched and scuffed. I just received my replacement today and the case was cracked and the parts were in worse shape than the first one!

  11. muhammed Irfan

    I’m using it, overall good, not for heavy quality good, battery is good,overall value for money.

  12. Nikesh

    very Good Product For Heavy use

  13. Sen Lal

    Its a better tool to handle home-based jobs, easy to handle, looking very solid

  14. Mahesh Sharma

    Nice Product I like It

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