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Charcoal Shawarma machine With Electric Motor

A charcoal shawarma machine is also known as a vertical broiler. - It broils meat on a rotating metal spike, that can be used for a gyro, doner kebab, or shawarma. - Cost of charcoal Shawarma Machine depends upon your requirements whether you need charcoal Shawarma Machine for Home use or for commercial use.

Heavy duty Vegetable Cutting Machine for restaurant, Warranty: One Year

19,000.00 16,500.00
Heavy duty Vegetable Cutting Machine Automation Grade Semi-Automatic Brand samnan Weight 25kg Warranty One year Color Red and Grey base

High Quality Shawarma Burner (Silver)

8,500.00 6,900.00
Ceramic surface Outer Dim : 17x24x9 cm Burner Size : 21.5×15 cm
Items available:15

Samnan 400W Stainless Steel Oil Maker Machine

Capacity :- 3 - 6kg/hr (according to the material) ,voltage :- 220v, motor power :- 400w ,weight :- 13kg ,material :- 304 food grade stainless steel ,machine dimension :- 46 x 240 x 190mm ,packing size :- 560 x 260 x 340mm This is an extra ordinary small machine which helps to improve the health and wealth of this human generation. this is a unique technology machine and can change market scenario in a big way Product description :- multi functional home oil press machine for pressing like peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean, walnuts, sunflowers seeds, vegetable seeds, flax seeds, almond, mustard seeds and so on... machine motor is industry motor that it can continue working for more than 4 to 5 hours. we suggest it works 4 to 5 hours and take a rest for about 1 hour. that will be good for machine. oil extracting that is depends on the oil seeds. easy to operate, clean, move and store