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VMTC Quick Connector Set 2-Pieces for Gardening & High Pressure Washer Like Karcher, Bosch

VMTC Quick Connector 1/2 inch (13mm) Set 2-pieces for Gardening & High Pressure Washer made from high quality plastic performance ABS, which is sturdy, Light weight and yet durable. VMTC Quick Connector helps you to connect Sprayers, High Pressure washer with the Hose Pipe and is easy to install. How to use: 1. Install the big interface with garden water gun, faucet connectors or high pressure washer inlet part. 2. Unscrew the lid of small interface, Let the pipe across the lid, then using the small interface link the connect pipe. 3. Tightening up the lid.

VMTC Tap Connector Set (2 Quick Connector, 1 tap Connector & Adapter) for Gardening & High Pressure Washer Like Karcher, Bosch

VMTC Tap Connector Set (2 quick connector, 1 tap connector & adapter) for gardening & High pressure like Karcher, Bosch. The tap adapter is made from heavy duty rubberized plastic made of soft rubber, wear resistant, flexible, high pressure resistant and durable with metal band. It is easy to use and is compatible with taps having diameter of 13 mm. The fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip. Easy & Fast Connection tap watering system. There is a rubber in this tap connector which can be removed for taps having a diameter of more than 13mm. After removing the rubber, this becomes compa Contents: 1. Tap Connector with metal Key -- 1 pc Metal Key - Makes the Round Tap Connector hold the tap firm Fix it with the tap. 2. Quick Connector - 2pcs One piece you connect with the tap connector and the second one at the other end of pipe to connect the pipe with gardening equipment or High Pressure washer*. 3. Adapter for High Pressure washer (Not to be used for gardening purpose) Use this adapter to connect the quick connector with the high pressure washer.