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VMTC Brush Kit (Hard & Soft Bristles) for Karcher Vacuum Cleaners WD1, WD2, WD3, WD4, WD5, WD6

999.00 549.00
Brush Kit Nozzle (with soft and hard bristles) - Compatible with Karcher WD 1, WD 2, WD 3, WD 3, WD 4, WD 4, WD 5, WD 5, WD 6, VC3, DS 5.800. Also compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaners This suction brush set is an accessory kit which includes two suction brushes, one with hard and one with soft bristles. The suction brush with hard bristles ensures thorough cleaning of upholstered and carpeted surfaces (for example foot mats and car seats). The suction brush with soft bristles allows gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces (for example dashboards and centre consoles) Made from Polypropylene plastic which is known for its high stiffness and rigidity balance and yet light weight

VMTC Furniture Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit – for Eureka Forbes, Hubertt etc

VMTC strives to offer its customers a durable, long-lasting "Furniture Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kit" 32mm which is a good combination of vacuum cleaner accessories required in any household with a vacuum cleaner. DESCRIPTION: MATTRESS NOZZLE - is used for cleaning your sofas, chairs, car seats, mattresses, heavy curtains, cushions etc. BRUSH KIT - has two brushes, one with hard(white) and one with soft(black) bristles. CREVICE NOZZLE - Useful For Hard To Reach Areas Like Corners, Edges Of The Sofa Or Bed. Under The Seat Of The Car etc. With Pointed Edge It Boosts The Suction And Blower Power Of A Vacuum Cleaner. COMPATIBILITY: This vacuum cleaners accessory kit has attachments with inner diameter of 32mm and are compatible with Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force, Star, I-Clean, WDX2, XL, Ace, 300, Jet Models. Also Compatible with Hubertt Vacuum Cleaners HNT20, PWR 35.

VMTC Transforming Adapter Kit for Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

599.00 299.00
VMTC strives to offer a unique transforming adapter for vacuum cleaner accessories. DESCRIPTION: As 99% of domestic or home use vacuum cleaners in India either use accessories with 32mm ID or 35mm ID, hence with this kit you can use accessories of different vacuum cleaner with each other. LIMITATION: This kit does not work with vacuum cleaners which have a clamp lock in the attachments like Dyson. COMPATIBILITY: The kit has 2 adapters. One makes 35mm Inner Diameter vacuum cleaner accessories compatible with 32mm Vacuum Cleaners and Second makes 32mm Inner Diameter vacuum cleaner accessories with 35mm vacuum cleaners. Makes most of Eureka Forbes, LG, Panasonic, Hubertt etc vacuum cleaner accessories compatible with Karcher, Miele etc vacuum cleaners and vice versa.