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Victorinox Knife Sharpener – Stainless Steel Portable for Professional Chefs & Household Use, Swiss Made

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Portable knife sharpener: Victorinox prides itself on creating cutlery and other knives that are the sharpest. This knife sharpener is portable as well as the ultimate tool that will bring the same old brand-new edge to your knives. with this knife sharpener by your side, your knives will never be blunt or obsolete. Quick sharpening like never before: Time is of the essence. Victorinox has created this knife sharpener keeping in mind today’s fast lifestyle. and thus, this product comes in a convenient ceramic v-groove shape which ensures that all the sharpening needs are met with the required speed. Light and compact: Going for a trip? You can pack this knife sharpener and use it to sharp any edge which may have lost its sheen. Your knife will be ready to chop vegetables, fruit, fish, or anything for that matter. All you need is the portability and utility of this sharpener.

Victorinox, Swiss Made, Dual-knife sharpener

Blade Length: 23.01cm Oval sharpening stone with fish hook groove The Victorinox pocket knife sharpener is the ultimate sharpening tool