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Ezee M Fold Tissue Paper – 1040 Pieces

864.00 787.00
Highly absorbent tissue papers on amazon, Easy to use - can be used to absorb oil, water etc, use it to clean & dry hands after lunch, clean kitchen counter and surfaces Disposable cleaning napkins - Use and throw to prevent germs. Hygenic to use in large gatherings and party Easy to carry & keep - Can be kept in any tissue holder or tissue paper stand. Can be kept at home, room, office or in car, dinning table, kitchen etc

Ezee Plastic Garbage Bag – 19X21 Inch, 90 Piece,medium, Black, 3 Piece

195.00 190.00
Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly Most convenient method of garbage disposal to maintain cleanliness and hygiene Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags