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Xtreme Power 10MM Powerful Electric Drill Machine (Color May Vary)

Drill Machine : simple drill 10mm. rpm: 2600rpm, voltage-220, motor: copper, outer body: pvc and metal, domestic drilling machine which you can operate single handedly, it has a safe and insulated shock proof plastic make, ergonomic design for easy grip, you can put up your precious painting collection, murals, hangings and wall decoratives on your wall, using this drilling tool, for an effortless masonry dealing in your household. AIR OUTLET : Optimized air vents which help in protecting the motor from dust and will also help in keeping the motor cool during long duration usage. 10 MM CHUCK CAPACITY : A 10 mm chuck capacity and a chuck key. The chuck key helps in assembling the drill bits in to the chuck. The chuck key is made up of strong metal which is corrosion and rust free.