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iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) 250A with Hot Start,Anti-Stick,Arc Force,Power Boost Functions- 1 Year Warranty

12,300.00 7,399.00
High performance capacitor, strong resistance to net voltage fluctuation, stable use of welding machine, long continuous working time, no loss of capacity, no attenuation, guarantee the long term stability and performance of the machine High cost-effective. Applicable to all walks of life, convenient and quick with power boost button and one year warranty Using IGBT power tube, strong power, wear high pressure, anti breakdown, more stable performance, more power saving

iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) 220A with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions, Arc Force Control – 2 Year Warranty

10,700.00 6,364.00
Register Product Online within 15 days from the date of delivery and get 6 Months additional warranty.

iBELL 200-89 Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine (IGBT) 200A with Hot Start and Anti-Stick Functions – 1 Year Warranty

8,500.00 5,358.00
Electrode usable for professional weld: 1.6 to 5mm, Electrode holder 2 m x 16mm² Copper-clad Aluminium with welding cable Durable, Compact and Easy to carry : Advanced IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine with wide voltage input 160V-250V, Light weight and compact design, IGBT Protection and Overheat Protection, easy to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations Welding current: 220 adjustable ARC Force with Hot Start ARC current and Anti-Stick

iBELL 220-78 Inverter ARC Multi Metal (SS/IRON/CARBON STEEL/COPPER/ALUMINIUM/ZINC) Welding Machine (IGBT) 220A – 1 Year Warranty

12,000.00 10,453.00
MULTI METAL CAPABILITY: This allows the machine to weld Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Copper, Zinc, Iron and Aluminium which makes it perfect for whole day welding. PORTABLE DESIGN: This features an easy carrying handle, easy for translation and storage. Quiet convenient, can be used anywhere you need and is ideal for all maintenance, repair, metal fabrication and other projects IGBT TECHNOLOGY: The machine uses a high performance IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) Technology, which is very useful as they give power that can be used for different welding processes and also ensures exact current, low splash and smooth joint.

iBELL Heavy Duty Inverter ARC Welding Machine (IGBT) 250A with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions, Arc Force Control – 2 Year Warranty

14,500.00 10,390.00
Ideal Choice - Duty Cycle 60% 250A ,100% 194 A , for high frequency MMA welding; It is a ideal welder for both of professional use and personal use because of its features and strong ability Multipurpose -This Machine is suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel and other kinds of metal; It is great for welding, maintenance, repair, Heavy and light industry and more; Package includes electrode holder and cable, clamps, safety googles and wire brush Advanced Design -Compared with other conventional large bulky welder, this Heavy Duty portable welder is designed to make the job easy, and has a carrying handle for easily transit and storage, allows you to take it to anywhere you need